<br><br>Version 1.1.6 <ul> <li>*Important fix for WordPress 4.2 update</li></ul>
<br/><br/>Version 1.1.5<ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><li>* Security fix</li></ul>
<br/><br/>Version 1.1.4<ul> <li> * Visual Composer plugin update.</li><li>* Shortcode Improvement for WordPress 4.1</li></ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.1.3<ul> <li>* Visual composer plugin update</li></ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.1.2<ul> <li>* Weather API update to V2</li></ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.1.1<ul> <li>* Visual composer plugin update</li></ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.1.0<ul> <li>* “Mega menu improvement</li> </ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.0.9<ul> <li>* empty youtube player in posts fix</li> </ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.0.8<ul> <li>* Visual composer plugin update</li><li>* Fixed cart page +/- buttonsMasonry layout fix</li> </ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.0.7<ul> <li>* Gallery category page sidebar fix</li> </ul>
<br/> <br/> Version 1.0.6<ul> <li>* Improvement for WordPress 3.9</li> </ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.5<ul> <li>* Added video post and video homepage block.</li><li>* Added RTL support to view RTL demo visit http://quadrum.orange-themes.com/?d=rtl</li> </ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.4<ul> <li>* Added Shop Item Block</li><li>* Added Reviews Block</li> </ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.3<ul> <li>* Responsive version improvement.</li> </ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.2 <ul><li>* Added option to remove date/author in single post view.</li><li>* Added author biography in about author page.</li><li>* Added sticky menu option in management panel.</li><li>* Added compatibility with “the events calendar” plugin.</li><li>* Added review system with richsnippets support.</li><li>* Added option to change page width.</li><li>* Improved page load speed.</li><li>* Improved responsive view.</li><li>* Updated visual composer plugin.</li></ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.1 <ul> <li>* Responsive menu improvement.</li> </ul> <br/> <br/> Version 1.0.0 <ul> <li>*Initial release.</li> </ul>

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